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Boys Nation Delegates

Winners of the $1,000 Heintz Memorial Boys Nation Scholarship

 Mr. Tanner Bush
Mr. Matthew Hawkins


Winner of the $1,000 Evergreen Boys State Foundation Governor’s Scholarship

 Mr. Ahmad Jumper

The American Legion Samsung Scholarship

Winner of a $1,000 scholarship and finalist for a $20,000 scholarship

 Mr. Joe Doria

Evergreen Boys State Eagle Scout Scholarship

Winner of the $1,000 Evergreen Boys State Eagle Scout Scholarship and finalist for $20,000  scholarship

 Mr. Peter Faber

Harry Easley Outstanding Citizenship Award

Winner of the $500 Harry Easley Outstanding Citizen Scholarship

citizenshipsMr. Seth Koivisto
(center, shown with City Citizenship Award recipients)

City Citizenship Awards

City of Alder: Mr. Derek Rossiter
City of Birch: Mr. Joe Doria
City of Elm: Mr. John Sommer
City of Fir: Mr. Maxwell Brown
City of Hemlock: Mr. Tanner Bush
City of Maple: Mr. Gunnar Newell

Carl & Ruth Wipperman Legacy Leadership Scholarship

Winner of the $1,00 Wipperman Leadership Scholarship

Mr. Adam Benmalek

“Expectations of Excellence” Awards

City of Birch

Mr. Tanner Bush

Mr. Dylan Leer

Mr. Brady Malone

Mr. Casey Pregartner

City of the Day

Sunday: Hemlock

Monday: Maple

Tuesday: Fir

Wednesday: Elm

City of the Week

DSC_0977The Great City of Hemlock

Director’s Award for Excellence

For the City/County problem with the best resolution.

DSC_0991The City of Hemlock

DSC_0996The County of Cascade

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