Row 1 – Ozell Jackson, IV, Nate Keller, Carter Standridge, Troy Saunders, Jared Doris, Nick  Slatton, Ted Lai, Dhandeep Suglani, Derek Rossiter

Row 2 – John Anderson, Spencer Boudreau, Roberto Velazquez, Bern Berg, Devin Powers, David Supnet, II, Nolan Winn, John Tye Ahearne, Grant Seaman


Mayor Mr. Carter Standridge   City Clerk Mr. Ted Lai

City Council
Mr. John Anderson
Mr. Jared Doris
Mr. Nate Keller
Mr. Devin Powers
Mr. Troy Saunders

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Mr. John Tye Ahearne, Mr. Carter Standridge, Mr. Nolan Winn

Rainier – Mr. John Anderson, Mr. Jared Doris, Mr. Devin Powers

Election Board

Adams – Mr. Bern Berg

Rainier – Mr. Nate Keller 

The Oak City Flag

The City of Oak’s flag, “Oak is W.O.K.E.” is an acronym. W stands for wisdom of the people and the constitution of the state of Evergreen and the constitution of the United States of America. O stands for optimism in the attitude that the citizens of the superior City of Oak should display and be proud of. K stands for knowledge which represents the citizens of the superior City of Oak’s value of knowledge. E stands for excellence and represents the pursuit of it from every citizen of the superior City of Oak. The flag design is put onto a darker color to accentuate the idea that superior City of Oak does not force its views upon other cities until they come into a closer standpoint to see the ideals for themselves.

Save the date for our 2024 session on June 16-22, 2024.