Mr. D’Andre Vasquez


Lieutenant Governor:
Mr. Isaiah Lawson


Secretary of State:
Mr. Alex Madden


Attorney General:
Mr. Casey Justus


Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Mr. Joe Hofman


1st press release from the office of Governor Vasquez:

Dear Citizens of Evergreen,

Good morning my fellow Evergreen Boys State citizens. I’d once again like to thank you all for electing me as your 2018 Governor. I believe that there are great things to come under my leadership and the work of your elected officials in all branches. With that being said, I would like to once again congratulate the elected officials on reaching office. I would also like to encourage you all to work to fulfill the campaign promises you made and to represent your parties and the state of Evergreen to the best of your capabilities. This morning all branches are working hard to create and pass immediate legislation on topics that both parties already see eye to eye on. Initial legislation that the executive branch will present to the House and Senate, and to look forward to, includes protection of CTE and STEM funding, environmental conservation through protection of national parks and our environment, and also environmental conservation through development of green energy sources. We look to present these bills first, to get the ball moving and roll right into the creation of bills based on party planks. I continue to look forward to serve you all continuing to create awareness, continue to be your advocate and continue to generate opportunity, prosperity and growth to you and the great state of Evergreen. I thank you all again for your support and encourage you to contact your elected officials and voice your opinions to help positive influence and make this experience the best for you all.

Governor¬†D’Andre Vasquez


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