Row 3 – Jared Wright, Patrick McGee, Bruno Christensen, Delano Morgan, Kyle Meyer, Greg Haner, Ben Riehl, Marshall Byington

Row 2 –Joseph Wood, Shinkwang Moon, Anderson Stoddard, Cody Johnston, Alex Faria, Anthony Kutch, Eugenio Vidales, Mitchell Hale, Joey Massa

Row 1Finn Boyd, Casey Pregartner, Adam Bullard, Colton Pearce, TJ Brenan, Alex Cruz, Akio Hansen, Michael Curry, Parker Dalton, Kanoa King, III, Matthew Ospina, Mike Montaney


Mayor Mr. Jared Wright   City Clerk Mr.Ben Riehl

City Council
Mr. Alex Cruz
Mr. Bruno Christensen
Mr. Eugenio Vidales
Mr. Patrick McGee
Mr. TJ Brenan

Political Party Precinct Officers
Adams – Mr. Matthew Ospina, Mr. Kyle Meyer, Mr. Mitchell Hale
Rainier – Mr. Kanoa King, III, Mr. Delano Morgan, Mr. Ben Riehl

Election Board
Adams – Mr. Marshall Byington
Rainier – Mr. Anthony Kutch

The Oak City Flag

The mustache and beard symbolize our city’s senior leader, Joey. The two oak trees that stem from either side of the beard depicts our very city in which we govern. The acorn is the product of what comes from oak trees. The quote at the bottom “IN OAK WE TRUST”, with “OAK” being crossed out and just under it says “STACHE”, represents our desire to believe in Joey’s Stache. The white background is a symbol of peace and open beliefs. The words in the middle of the flag, “OAK”, is the cities name in which we reside.


City Chant

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Save the date for our next session on June 19-25, 2022.