Row 3 – Jake Dennis, Ian Sampson, Zander Adams, James Richardson, Evan Zverev, Taya McMillan, Berk Uzuncaova

Row 2 – Isaiah Hawkins, Wyatt Shewey, Tristan Rocha, Daniel McKenzie, Joseph Hoiden, David Abramowitz, Simon  Carlsson, Joash Smith

Row 1Parker Sodon, Brandon Moreno, Drew Dickson, Peyton Vallely-Barret, Jeremy Salter, Danny Flynn, Sean Lindsey, Mason Dalbeck, D’Andre Vasquez, Bud Sperry, Larry Sperry


Mayor Mr. Berk Uzuncaova    City Clerk Mr. Tristan Rocha

City Council
Mr. D’Andre Vasquez
Mr. Danny Flynn
Mr. James Richardson
Mr. Mason Dalbeck
Mr. Taya McMillan

Political Party Precinct Officers
Adams – Mr. Jake Dennis, Mr. Berk Uzuncaova, Mr. Daniel Mckenzie
Rainier – Mr. Ian Sampson, Mr. Joash Smith, Mr. Peyton Vallely-Barret

Election Board
Adams – Mr. Berk Uzuncaova
Rainier – Mr. James Richardson

The Pine City Flag

Pine is a city based on Spartan ideals. Therefore, we make an incredibly simplistic flag. We have a Pine tree, standing tall despite being made up of two colors, symbolizing unity between the political parties. Around that tree are 22 stars, symbolizing the members of the City of Pine. We stand united around the tree. The Far right and left in hard lines stand outside of our circle, symbolizing our open minds. Our flag is a symbol of pine and all that it stands for.


City Chant

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Save the date for our next session on June 19-25, 2022.