Row 1 – Tom Chandler, Jared Goetz, Cullen Geahigan, Ayden Henderson, Caleb Buck, Angel Flores, Ben Payne, Cristian Besherse, Derek Rossiter, Ben Crosby

Row 2 – Tanner Wilburn, Daniel Johnston, Patrick Rueff, Jack Jorgensen, Cole Schluter, John Pierre, Ulysses Glanzrock

Row 3 – Loren Berberich, Tyler Krantz, Victor Long, Pierce Higgins, Benjamin Scroggs, Lukas MacCloud, Sam Petersen


City Clerk Tanner Wilburn    Mayor John Pierre

City Council
Caleb Buck
Cole Schluter
Cristian Besherse
Cullen Geahigan
Jack Jorgensen

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Ben Payne, Tyler Krantz, Loren Berberich

Rainier – Benjamin Scroggs, Ayden Henderson, Cullen Geahigan

Election Board

Adams – Daniel Johnston

Rainier – Cole Schluter


The Flag of the City of JuniperIn the center of our flag, we have a Juniper tree which represents the city.  Surrounding the flag there are 20 stars which represent each person that makes up our city.  Underneath the circle of stars, two olive branches cross which represent the Adams and Rainier parties coming together to help guide the city.  The olive branches themselves represent a future of peace and prosperity.

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