The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Attorney General.

From the Evergreen Boys State Citizen’s Manual:

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State. He is required to advise the members of the legislature, the Governor and other state officials, and county prosecuting attorneys on questions of law, which concern their duties. The Attorney General is also an attorney for the State, serving as both prosecutor and defense attorney.

Duties at Evergreen Boys State: The Attorney General is the legal advisor to the legislature and the state officials. He advises the Governor on the constitutionality of legislation prior to being signed into law. He participates in and attends as required, the Judicial Sessions. Give an address at the closing of joint session of government on the accomplishments of his office.

Mr. Matthew Hawkins
Rainier Party, City of Alder

Hello! My name is Matthew Hawkins and I am running for the office of State Attorney General. I will be a good Attorney General because I am well versed in the ways that Law Enforcement works as I have worked for the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office as an Explorer for over 3 Years. . While I do not know everything I am willing to learn and Learn every day. I am working on getting my Juris Doctorate from EBSU and I am familiar with both the United states and the EBS Constitutions; and I have taken hours of Courtroom preparation classes and spent over hours in a courtroom during trials. I want to serve the State of Evergreen and there is not a better choice for Attorney General.

Mr. Jake Settle
Rainier Party, City of Alder

Close your eyes.  (Actually don’t, because it’s hard to read with your eyes closed).  But anyways, imagine.  Picture this image in your mind.  I discovered a ski jump in the wilderness with my friends.  For hours, I hyped myself up to try it out.  When the big moment came, I strapped on my helmet, skied fast towards the ramp. . .and then stopped right before the jump.  I went through this process many times and my repeated failure made me frustrated.  After a few pathetic tries, I finally took the risk and soared into the sky.  In the same way, I have tried many times this week for leadership positions, but I have repeatedly failed because I have not been willing to really put myself out there and take risks.  But now, by running for Attorney General,I, Jake Settle, am finally taking the risk in the hopes of soaring to achieve my dream.  I am a stand up guy who will represent your voice. I love speech and debate and am prepared to argue on behalf of the great State of Evergreen.  Finally, I urge you to vote for Jake Settle.  Don’t SETTLE for less!

Mr. Kris Lusis
Rainier Party, City of Hemlock

I have done may things with my life that have benefited the areas around me and far away. I volunteer at a food bank known as Share Net in Kingston, I work contracting and earned my truck by hard work and dedication. I showed this again by being Varsity Football and Wrestling my Freshman and Sophomore years until injuries took their toll. I also work at summer camps in Shelton with 7 year olds, one of which has autism and I have worked with him multiple times to solve issues. I have been in both liberal and conservative environments in schools, states and countries. I am known to be a man of truth and I thank you for this opportunity.

Mr. Evan Hutton
Rainier Party, City of Hemlock

As an Attorney General, I will ensure that our prosecutors function at their peak, which will ensure the prosper of Evergreen State. I’m one of you; I’m not just an American…I’m ‘Murican. As chance would have it, I’m multilingual: fluent in freedom, liberty, and justice. In all seriousness, I will be committed to justice by working with congress on the numerous questions they will have regarding legal issues. As a participant in Mock Trial, I am more than familiar with the judicial system, as I have tried numerous cases, criminal and civil, during my time. I want Evergreen State to thrive, and as Atorney General, I will ensure the succes of congress through my expertise.

3 years in Mock Trial, captain/leader of JHS Mock Trial program for 2 years.
3-1 win-loss record in Mini Mock and Regional competitions.
Fulfilled all attorney roles: direct & cross examinations, closer, and opener.
3 year participant in Speech & Debate, accepted into Stanford Debate Camp for 2016.
Selected TEDx Speaker.

Mr. Jack Kelly
Adams Party, City of Hemlock

Hello. My name is Jack Kelly, I am from the small island of Vashon, and I am running for the position of Attorney General.

My background is in debate and student government. I have participated in my school’s ASB for the past 6 years. Most recently I was elected ASB president on the platform of student-faculty communication. I will use this experience as Attorney General as the role aims to facilitate communication between the Judicial branch and the governor. I also have 3 years of experience competing in and judging Policy Debate. In fact, last year I did well enough in circuit tournaments that I qualified and went on to debate at state. In policy debate, teams argue back and forth on a proposed plan. This experience sets me apart from the other candidates as it so closely aligns with the role of Attorney General.

Thank you for reading this spiel of information and I would be honored if you would support my candidacy for Attorney General with your vote.

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Our next session is June 21-27, 2020. Registration opens soon!