The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Lieutenant Governor.

From the Evergreen Boys State Citizen’s Manual:

“The Lieutenant Governor acts as President of the Senate. He assumes the duties of the Governor when the Governor is absent

Duties at Evergreen Boys State: The Lieutenant Governor is the President of the Senate. He must be very knowledgeable of parliamentary procedure. He will chair every Senate Session and he will attend, and give a report to The American Legion Department of Washington Convention or Mid- Winter Conference, upon request of The American Legion Department of Washington Commander.

Will give an address at closing of joint session of government on accomplishments of the senate”

Mr. James Osier
Rainier Party, City of Maple

In my life, I’ve always been someone who’s had an eye for the most extinguished challenges life has to give. When I look upon the various positions the one that took my eyes was Lieutenant Governor. I understand that a position such as this requires incredible amounts of leadership, with also the understanding that partnership needs to be accomplished to achieve any goal that comes my way. But when it comes to these requirements I’ve gained an understanding of them, due to going for and achieving the position of Command Sargent Major in my JROTC class. With that position I’ve been given the command over two hundred cadets with having to provide them motivation, integrity, in addition with an ocean of other values including of course leadership. I shall do like everything in my power as lieutenant governor with a drive of following the parliamentary procedure, with some fun here and there.

Mr. Nathan Rise
Adams Party, City of Elm

2016 bio - nathan rise

Looking for unique opportunities is one of my goals while I’m still in highschool. I believe that running for Lieutenant Governor is as unique as it gets. I have extensive experience in leading and planning from Boys Scouts and Border Patrol Explorers. I have held numerous leadership positions in both organizations and plan to use these skills if elected. I believe I work well with others and truley want to listen to the voice of the people to further better the community. I thank you for reading this bio and I look forward to seeing you at elections.

Mr. Cal Martin
Adams Party, City of Fir

Hello, my name is Cal Martin and I am running for Lt. Governor. I believe I am the best candidate for this office because of my prior experience in similar roles. In my time serving in the Washington YMCA Youth Legislature I was elected to serve in both Committee Chair and Vice Chair positions. Along with my elected positions I was also appointed to serve as the Senate Parliamentarian. Additionally I have served as Class President the previous two years. Please consider voting Cal Martin for Lt. Governor. He’s the best choice for you!

Mr. Hayden Ploeger
Rainier Party, City of Elm

2016 bio - hayden ploeger

Hello I am Hayden Ploeger and I want to be your Lieutenant Governor. I am dedicated to excellence through experience and my leadership record exemplifies passionate, self driven advocacy and service on behalf of those I represent. I am the president and founder of the Lake Stevens interact club, a club dedicated to community service and teaching solid leadership skills to high schoolers. I am very familiar with parliamentary procedure as it is the most effective way to lead a meeting and meet goals. I am a graduate of YAIL (Youth Adventures In Leadership) training and am the treasurer/secretary of the Lake Stevens Civil Engineering Club. I have been active in Boy Scouts for 10 years and am currently serving as the troop’s Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster as well as the Order of the Arrow Chief. I have earned my Citizenship in the Community, Nation and World merit badges as well as received 1st place In the Lake Stevens American Legion Americanism Essay contest. I am a leader who listens and gets things done with your best interests in mind. A vote for me is a vote for solid leadership gained through experience.

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Our next session is June 21-27, 2020. Registration opens soon!