A Week That Shapes a Lifetime!

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Bill Summary
Date/TIme of Introduction
Firearm salesXin HeHB001Further monitor the sale of firearmsJune 23, 2016-10:15Failed
Drone useAnonHB002Legality of drone useage on federal landJune 23, 2016-10:21Passed
Taxes on oilAnonHB003Raise tax on oil by $10 a barrellJune 23, 2016-10:23Failed
Drone useCasey PregartnerHB004Legality of drone useage on federal landJune 23, 2016-10:25Memorial
Reduce pollutionGrant PiersonHB005Reducing nonpoint pollutionJune 23, 2016-10:28Failed
Wildlife conservationMiguel Comer westHB006Conserving WildlifeJune 23, 2016-10:30Failed
PoliceCarlos AlvarezHB007Police accountability and recording methodsJune 23, 2016-10:32Passed
Safer roadwaysRussell SchmidtHB008Man operated and powered vehicle safteyJune 23, 2016-10:34Failed
Holiday name chageAnonHB009Changing the name of columbus day to indiginous peoples dayJune 23, 2016-10:37Passed
HomelessnessAnonHB010Homeless rehabilitationJune 23, 2016-10:40Failed
Environmental taxKrisjanis LusisHB011Cleaner EvergreenJune 23, 2016-10:42passed
FirearmsMichael KennishHB012Reducing firearm accidents by using a three strike methodJune 23, 2016-2:15Failed
ReforestationWyatt BruggeHB013Conserving our forestsJune 23, 2016-2:16Failed
School securityCasey PregartnerHB014Increasing School SecurityJune 23, 2016-2:17Passed
Combat dinosaursJohn SommerHB015Legality of combat dinosaursJune 23, 2016-2:20Failed
Green energyWyatt BruggeHB016Green energy advancementJune 23, 2016-2:25passed
Declasification of government documentsLamson HoHB017Government documents being made legalJune 23, 2016-2:30 Memorial
HomelesnessJake SuttleHB018Homeless rehabilitationJune 23, 2016-2:36Passed
Raptor trainingOwen LandefeldHB019Raptor training facility to supply elmJune 23, 2016-2:42Failed
InsuranceJake SuttleHB020Driving without insuranceJune 23, 2016-2:45Passed
TaxesAnonHB021Eliminate sales tax make income taxJune 23, 2016-3:01Passed
Seismic SafteyAnonHB022Making laws to make houses safe for EarthquakesJune 23, 2016-5:10Failed
State FinanceHayden GrimmettHB023Start up evergreen programJune 23, 2016-5:13Passed
Death penaltyAndrew StallHB024Abolition of the death penaltyJune 23, 2016-5:20passed
ProstitutionIan McgeeHB025Legalization of prostitutionJune 24, 2016-10:30Failed
School LunchesCaleb GeringerHB026Clean school lunchesJune 24, 2016-10:30Failed
Veteran treatmentJohnathan CoxHB027Credit obtained for veteransJune 24, 2016-10:30Passed
TaxesGunnar NewellHB028Tax crime punishmentJune 24, 2016-10:31Passed
TransportationJake SettleHB029Transportation saftey actJune 24, 2016-10:31Failed
Rape Owen LandefeldHB030Rape sentencing reformJune 24, 2016-10:31passed
Prison timeRiley ConohanHB031Abolishment of life sentenced and replacing with death penaltyJune 24, 2016-10:32Failed
New holidayCaleb GeringerHB032Erik the red dayJune 24, 2016-10:32Failed
Oil wasteJohn SommerHB033Oil waste dredging actJune 24, 2016-10:33Failed
ProstitutionCaleb GeringerHB034Prostitution rights actJune 24, 2016-10:33Failed
ProstitutionAndrew HansenHB035Legalize prostitution actJune 24, 2016-11:54Failed
HomelessnessAhmad JumperHB036Homelessness housing actJune 24, 2016- 11:54Passed
Education and immagrationCarlosHB037Education and immagration reform actJune 24, 2016- 11:54Passed
EducationJonothan CoxHB038Homogonize standard testingJune 24, 2016- 11:54Passed
State GrantsGunnar NewellHB039State GrantsJune 24, 2016- 11:54Passed
FundingAustin grayHB040Funding for thorium reactor researchJune 24, 2016- 11:54Passed
Stranded PenaltyMichael KennishHB041Stranded PenaltyJune 24, 2016-11:56Failed
LisencingRiley ConohanHB042Lisencing for farmersJune 24, 2016-11:56Passed
ImpeachmentBlake CoffmanHB043Impeach the speaker of the houseJune 24, 2016-1:08Failed
Teens stateMichael KennishHB044Teens stateJune 24, 2016-1:08Failed
PreservationWyatt BrugeHB045Preservation actJune 24, 2016-11:58Passed
Bill TransparencyGrant BrensonSB25Bill Transparency act June 24, 2016-11:58Passed
Domestic RelationsGrant BrensonSB26Domestic relationsJune 24, 2016-11:58Passed
Renewable energyAndrew HansenSB12Subsidizing wind and solar energyJune 24, 2016-11:58Failed
EducationJonathan CoxSB21Public school fundsJune 24, 2016-11:58Passed
Oklahoma Omnibus billScott MussclewhiteHB046Oklahoma Omnibus billJune 24, 2016-1:08vPassed
County nuclear plantsAhmad JumperSB28County nuclear plantsJune 24, 2016-1:08Failed
Firearm Violence PreventionAhmad JumperSB27Firearm Violence PreventionJune 24, 2016-1:08Passed
StormwaterAhmad JumperSB29StormwaterJune 24, 2016-1:08Passed
Insurance FraudJames GetchellSB34Insurance fraud billJune 24, 2016-1:08Failed
TaxesAndrew HansenSB23Carbon taxJune 24, 2016-1:08Failed
Ned FlandersAustin grayHB048Ned FlandersJune 24, 2016-1:08Failed
Millitarry and the drinking ageAnthony FaucherHB047Millitarry and the drinking ageJune 24, 2016-1:08Passed
National coverage billJames GetchellSB32National coverage billJune 24, 2016-3:40Failed