A Week That Shapes a Lifetime!

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Bill Summary
Date/TIme of Introduction
ExampleEBS OfficeSB0An example entry for use by future clerks.5/29/16 - 21:00Failed, Passed, Amended, Tabled...
Inferstucture Re-EvaluationJack KellySB01A Committee to evaluate Washingto Infrastructure6/23/16-1026Failed
Washington Hygine reformAnthony EltonSB02An increse in hygine in Washinton schools.6/23/16-1028Failed
Children &Teen Mental HealthCameronSB03Inplimenting Mental health Screening in Schools6/23/16-1034Failed
Abolition Of Death PenaltyAndrew StahlSB04Abolishing The Death Penelty in Washington6/23/16-1036Amended
A PledgeHenery BaconSB05A pledge at the start of all calls to order6/23/16-1037Failed
American School Readjustment ActChris HunterSB06Reforming the School System in washington6/23/16-1036Failed
Waterway Pollutant ControlN/ASB07Regulation the water polutatants in the state.6/23/2016-1038Passed
Official Elm DayMartin SampleSB08State Holiday for the City of Elm6/23/16-
Eliminate I-405 Tolling LanesNicholas LarkinSB09Removal Of all toll lanes along I-4056/23/16-
Abolishment of Primary CaucusJacob SimmonsSB10The Abolishment of primary caucus system6/23/16-
An Act relationg to tax ReformChristain DomingosSB11Tax Reforms in Washington State6/23/16-
Resolution to support child careN/ASR01Supports efforts aimed at improving child care services6/23/16- 1747
Subsidation of Wind and Solar energyAndrew HansenSB12Subsidises Wind Turbine and Solar panel Indrusties6/23/16-Passed
Drug addiction supportSB136/23/16-
Secure Driver ActRyan VanceSB14The issurance of car tabs from the D.O.L.6/23/16-
Biker SafetySam MeierSB15Bikers must be more visavle and safe6/23/16-
No Public StrippingTae ThongdeeSB16Public Stripping must be outlawed6/23/16Failed
Pro Bus ActBenjamin ChungSB17Populerizing buses as a more populer source of Transport6/23/16-
Protection of Adults ActRyan VanceSB18Lowering the age of Concealed Weapons Permits to 186/23/16-
Resolution for State AuditorGunner NewellSB19Capabilities of State Auditor6/23/16-
Expansion of Duties of Public AuditorsGunner NewellSB20Amending duties of the Public Auditors6/23/16-
Income Tax ReformAndy KruseHB021Income Tax Reform6/23/16-Passed
Public School Funds ChangeJonathan CoxSB21Closing the Revenue gap between public schools6/23/16-
Proper Facilities for Combat DinosaursAhmad JumperSB22Building of Facilities for Combat Dinosaur production6/23/16-Failed
Police enforcement accountabilityCarlos AlvarezHB007Police accountability and recording methods6/23/16Passed
Green Energy AdvancementWyatt BruggeHB016The Management of Natural Resources and energy6/24/16Passed
Indegenious people's dayMilo Rolland HB009Making a new holliday celebating indignous people 6/23/16-
Carbon Tax ActAndrew HansenSB23Carbon Emissions Tax6/23/16-Passed
Increasement of security in schoolsCasey (?)HB014Hiring more security in school6/23/16-
Bill EnforcementLamson HoSB24Quicker Enactment of Bills6/24/16-Failed
Bill Transparency ActLamson HoSB25Detailed Reports for safety of Evergreen citizans6/24/16-Passed
Domestic relationsLamson HoSB266/24/16-Passed
Firearm Violence PreventionAhmad JumperSB27Regulations on Firearms6/24/16-Passed
County Nuclear PlantsAhmad JumperSB28Clean energy in Evergreen counties6/24/16-Passed
StormwaterAhmad JumperSB29Getting rid of polution and cleaning the Puget Sound6/24/16-Passed
Drone RegulationN/AHB002Regulation the use of drones for Government and public use6/24/16-
Impeach the SpeakerN/ASB30Ability to Impeach the Speaker of the HouseThrown out (No Sponser)
Declassification ActLandon HoHB017Transparency of Government functions6/24/16-
Homeless Rehabilitation ActJake SettleHB018The rehabilitation of homeless persons6/24/16-
Lanyards ActAndrew JenkinsSB31Allowing the wearing of nametags on lanyards6/24/16-
National Coverage BillJames GetchellSB32Flexible coverafe for areas where natural disasters are common6/24/16-
Rate Change BillJames GetchellSB33Annual reports of rate change by inssurance programs6/24/16-
Insurance Fraud BillJames GetchellSB34Punishment of insurance fraud6/24/16-
Sean Liberman ActEven HatlonSB35"Filibusters and why they're dumb"6/24/16-
School Lead TestingJonathan CoxSB36Testing for lead poisoning in Public schools6/24/16-
Rape SentencingOwen LandefeldHB030a MINIMUN sENTENCE OF 2.5 YEARS to rapist6/24/16-
abolison of the death penelty Andrew StahlHB024Abolishing the Death penelty6/24/16-
Driving without Insureance Jake Settle HB020Driving without Insurance6/24/16-
MemorialCasey PregartnerHB004Removing the penny 6/24/16-
Enviornmental Tax actKrisjanis LusisHB011Incentive for being "Green"6/24/16-
Homogenize Standard TestingJonathon