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Bill Summary
O'Brian Timber ActSB-7Allowing prisoners to work for reduced prison sentences by working for reforesting companies2:56 6/22/2017Passed
Sasquatch Endangerment ActHenry BrownSB-1Listing of the Sasquatch on the Endangered Species List3:45 6/22/2017Passed
The State Pope ActBenjamin HullSB-4Creating the position of the Pope and making Ryan Jensen the Pope until his death3:53 6/22/2017Passed
Handicapped and Maternity Leave ActTiburncio BremanSB-11Handicapped Parking Permits for women pregnant more 6 months and beyond3:59 6/22/2017Passed
The Beagle Freedom ActSB-12Allowing adoption for tested on animals by corporations4:39 6/22/2017Passed
The Better Driving World ActSB-8Requiring people 65 and above to take a driving test every 5 years.5:14 6/22/2017Passed
Gladitorial Combat Act Benjamin CrosbySB-22Gladitorial Combat in the Gaga Ball Pit to submission with wet weighted pool noddles5:30 6/22/2017Passed
The Rare Earth Alternative ActBenjamin CrosbySB-18Funding research to find alternatives to rare earth elements to end US dependence on China9:20 6/23/2017Passed
Papa Palpatine Act Braden YoderSB-66All members of the senate must respond to yes or no questions with "Do it" or "No, no" in a Palpatine voice.Passed
Firearm Reform ActLogan ColeSB-17Those who have been enlisted at least one year be allowed to own/buy firearms with barrel lengths under 16"10:13 6/23/2017Passed
Sustainable Management for Fisheries ActAlex KennedySB-28Hatcheries being defined as any state operated facility with the purpose of collecting and rearing aquatic species for the introduction to an aqautic environment.Failed
Witchery PunishmentSB-29The practices of witchcraft, sorcery, and magic are to be illegal in the state of Evergreen10:45 6/23/2017Passed
The Homefull BillMark ChristensenSB-30A dome shall be built to house the homeless.11:10 6/23/2017Failed
Ice Ice Baby ActMicah Robertson SB-69Having an ice cream machine in the senate room and them controlling who uses it.2:52 6/23/2017Passed
Superior Edible Flora Distinction Act
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