Party Officials

Mr. Conner Swarthout

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Nick Brandenburg

Mr. Tony Poston

Mr. Mike Miller

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Clay Eaton

Lobby Chairman:
Mr. Keith Thomas

Convention Chairman:
Mr. Dustin Donnor

Platform Chairman:
Mr. Bless Tive

Cascade County Chairman:
Mr. Chris Long

Columbia County Chairman:
Mr. Jason Clearman

Palouse County Chairman:
Mr. Joel Nishimura

Puget County Chairman:
Mr. Christian Lucier


2002 Party Platform

  • Anti Gun Control
  • Pro Veteran Benefits
  • Pro Welfare Reform
  • Pro WASL Reform
  • Pro Capital Punishment
  • More State Parks and Wildlife Refuges
  • Tougher Laws on Sex Offenders
  • Increased Voter Awareness
  • Freeze College Tuition
  • Lower Prison Amenities
  • Pro Co-Ed State
  • Improved Education
  • Tougher on Hate Crimes
  • Maintain Blanket Primaries
  • Anti Terrorists
  • Restricted Welfare
  • Pro World Cup
  • Increased Money for Advanced Learning Programs
  • Pro Mass Transit
  • Stricter Environmental Controls on Factories

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