Party Officials

Mr. Connor Knapp

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Soon Kwon

Mr. Adam Raymaker

Mr. J.T. Leon

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Ashok Chandwaney

Platform Chairman:
Mr. Keith Klapperich

Cascade County Chairman:
Mr. Patrick Stickney

Columbia County Chairman:
Mr. Aaron Cochrane

Palouse County Chairman:
Mr. Nicholas Wells

Puget County Chairman:
Mr. Carl Kamerrer


2009 Nationalist Party Platform

  • Less government control over business
  • Increase outside activity
  • Spending Accountability
  • Go Green, Get Green
  • Don’t change government regulations
  • Natural disaster relief fund
  • Encourage small business
  • Buy local
  • Co-ed State
  • More alternative energy and oil
  • Education fund
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Standardized tax reform
  • Umbilical cord (cells) research
  • No Death Penalty
  • Against Late-trimester abortion


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