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Governor - Michael Bervell cropped
Mr. Michael Bervell


State Auditor - Donovan Klega cropped
State Auditor:
Mr. Donovan Klega

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Sec. of State - Chris Zantek cropped

Secretary of State:
Mr. Chris Zantek


Comm of Pub Lands - Othman Erekaini cropped
Commissioner of Public Lands:
Mr. Othman Erekaini

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Attorney General - Jake Nelson cropped
Attorney General:
Mr. Jake Nelson


State Insurance Commish - Conner Erickson cropped
State Insurance Commissioner:
Mr. Conner Erickson

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State Treasurer - Arthur Bacon cropped
State Treasurer:
Mr. Arthur Bacon


Sup of Pub Instruction - Jackson Rambough cropped
Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Mr. Jackson Rambough


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