Party Officials

Bob Stoddard

Aaron Goldfogel

Convention Chairman:
Sergio Garcia

Platform Chairman:
Wallace O’Donnell

Cascade County Chairman:
Christopher Sorta

Columbia County Chairman:
Matthew Howard

Puget County Chairman:
Jacob Jellison


2014 Party Platform 

  • Increased teacher freedom in the choice of curriculum
  • Increased funding for the education of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts
  • Decreased penalties for drug users/abusers and increased therapy programs for those citizens
  • Marriage legally defined as a pact between two consenting adults
  • Therapy for lower criminals and less punishment (drug use, petty theft, etc.)
  • Harsh punishment for higher criminals (Murder, rape, arson, etc.)
  • A graduated income tax
  • Increased funding for transportation
  • Good food
  • Space exploration and space technologies
  • Alternative energy sources to coal and oil
  • X-wing fighter squadron
  • Right to work
  • Welfare reform



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