Party Officials

peter hamilton crop

Mr. Peter Hamilton

Mr. Braden Sigua

Mr. Omar Aldahleh

Convention Chairman:
Mr. Peter Hamilton

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Alex Paget

Alder Platform Chairman:
Mr. Ken Song

Birch Platform Chairman:
Mr. Taseen Hossain

Cedar Platform Chairman:
Mr. Devin Ankenbauer

Elm Platform Chairman:
Mr. Justin Greer

Fir Platform Chairman:
Mr. Wesley Bayles


2015 Party Platform 

  • Pro-Environmental Regulation Act
    • Issue greater Congressional oversight upon the Dept. of Natural resources and the Dept. of Transportation
  • Education
    • Abolish common core education
    • Establish a safety net for failing students
  • Taxes
    • Increase sin tax
    • Income tax: Flat Tax
    • Import Taxes on Frozen food, Mexican food and Chinese take out.
  • Immigration
    • Solution: Providing a path to citizenship that is more lucid and simplified in order to ensure that immigrants are given a fair chance at the opportunities for success that our great nation and state have to offer.
  • Decriminalize Prostitution
  • Gun Control
    • Tiered background checks (increasing for each tier of gun)
  • Environmental Regulation
    • Pro-Environmental Regulation Act
    • Tax petroleum at higher rates
    • Extended tax-breaks for alternative energy sources
  • Purge Paint Ball
  • Casual Clothing in Evergreen State
  • Gladiator Death Match
    • In lieu of maximum punishment




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