Row 1Tyler Anderson (Staff), Ron King (Staff), Drew Pierson (Staff), Jonah Librande, Michael Higgins, Ken Song, Jacob Sanderson, Chandler Krumins, Jack Reilly, Ethan Lund, Jiayi Hu, Jack Pickett, Trevor Handyside, Cameron Hall, Zach Waage, Brandon Moreno (Staff), Michael Bervell (Staff), Gary Roach (Staff)

Row 2 – Peter Condyles, Jacob Dingfield, Jeremy Hummel, Anthony Maldonado, Isaiah Retan, Lyle Gardner, Ian Ryan, Sean Palmer, Eric Racadag, Zachary Haver, Khanh Ngo, Kyle Hofstetter

Row 3 – Jason Gibbons, Dalen Akker, Nathan Sanders, Kyle Herschberger, McKaulay Kolakowski, R.H., Ramzi Estes, Alexander Shaw, Joshua Hopkins, Alex Martone


alder MMayor Mr. Isaiah Retan

alder CCity Clerk Mr. Khanh Ngo

City Council
Mr. Jiayi Hu, Mr. Jeremy Hummel, Mr. Chandler Krumins, Mr. Anthony Maldonado, Mr. Ian Ryan


Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams  Mr. Dalen Akker, Mr. Peter Condyles, Mr. Ramzi Estes, Mr. Jacob Sanderson

Rainier  Mr. Jacob Dingfield, Mr. Zachary Haver, Mr. Sean Palmer, Mr. Zach Waage


Election Board

Adams – Mr. Jake Pickett

Rainier – Mr. Zach Waage

The Alder City Flag

city sign - alder

The alder tree in the middle of the flag is the symbol for our city and represents good health and strength. The letter “A” in the tree ties into our city’s hand symbol and represents our city as well. Finally, the pair of hands juxtaposed to the tree represents the friendship and hard work that are characteristic of our city. The motto on the bottom of the flag reads “Qui Audet Adipiscitur,” which means “he who dares, triumphs” in Latin and is representative of the words that guide our city and its denizens. The overall color scheme of our flag is “Black and Yellow” as these two colors are our city colors and can be found on all of Alders residents.


Save the date for our 2024 session on June 16-22, 2024.