Row 1Tony Morea (Staff), Ty Bearisto (Staff), Truc Duong, Marlon Basco-Rodillas, Armand Etchen, Carter Gale, Stuart Walsh, Omar Aldahleh, Eugene Hong, Jeff Menaker, Nick Alverson, Kanak Pal, Draevin Luke, Mark Gwaltney (Staff)

Row 2 – Braden Sigua, Taseen Hossain, Austin Franks, Steven Knight, Kristopher Marsh, Gavin Hobbs, Ian Lam, Derek Strom, Karl Stallman, Jared Gray, Daniel Alderson, Brendon Lynch (Staff)

Row 3 – Ryan Okabayashi, Wilson Kelly, Jonathan Mangas, Rand Bach, Charles Landefeld, Albert Ragsdale, Carson Lutterloh, Jonathan McCuistion, Manbir Parmar, Troy Nieuwendorp


Birch MMayor Mr. Manbir Parmar

Birch CCity Clerk Mr. Daniel Alderson

City Council
Mr. Nick Alverson, Mr. Rand Bach, Mr. Austin Franks, Mr. Ryan Okabayashi, Mr. Derek Strom


Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams  Mr. Carter Gale, Mr. Charles Landerfield, Mr. Kristopher Marsh, Mr. Jeff Menaker,      Mr. Derek Strom

Rainier  Mr. Austin Franks, Mr. Jared Gray, Mr. Eugene Hong, Mr. Wilson Kelly, Mr. Karl Stallman


Election Board

Adams – Mr. Carter Gale

Rainier – Mr. Truc Duong


The Birch City Flag

city sign - birch

The flag of the City of Birch consists of four main elements. The flag starts with a simple white background, depicting the openness, and purity of our founding. As we started from nothing, we started from a blank slate. The red, orange, and yellow dragon encircling the emblems on the flag stands for the courage and strength of the members, and their burning desire to protect what they stand for.  The dragon is holding its own tail within its jaws to depict the continuity of the values we hold so dear. The tree within the dragon’s embrace represents the growth and steadfastness of the community of Birch. The text flanking the tree marks the founding of the City of Birch, with the green of both the text and the foliage showing the abundance of life and energy for growth in our citizens.

Save the date for our 2024 session on June 16-22, 2024.