Row 3 – Zephrym Bush, David MacDonald, Angelyko Lund, Tyler Milton, Kolin Koski, Alex Madden, Weston Myers, Alberto Macias

Row 2 – Duncan Allen, Noah Heaps, Elliott Windrope, Soren Stoverud-Myers , Ethan Chan, Brendan Cabrera, Parker Jenkins, Andrew Shin

Row 1Nick Robinson, Logan Cole, Austin Franks, Spencer Dalke, Tyler Venneri, Tenzin Zingkha, Tanner Weaver, Alex Cobb, Ken Galsgaard, Cameron Gaut, Conneach West, Ron King, Gary Roach


Mayor Mr. Ethan Chan   City Clerk Mr.Kolin Koski

City Council
Mr.Alex Madden
Mr.Andrew Shin
Mr. Angelyko Lund
Mr. Elliott Windrope
Mr. Noah Heaps

Political Party Precinct Officers
Adams – Mr. Duncan Allen, Mr. Ethan Chan, Mr. Alex Madden
Rainier – Mr. Alex Cobb, Mr. Andrew Shin, Mr. Tyler Venneri

Election Board
Adams – Mr. Alex Madden
Rainier – Mr. Alex Cobb

The Elm City Flag

I am the flag of Elm; I am what you make me out to be. Like an Elm tree, I am tall and strong. I provide shade from the sun, and shelter from the storm. My branches grow long and free. My heart and roots lie in the Evergreen State. The stars as us; us as one… All at Boys State to have fun.

City Chant

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Save the date for our next session on June 19-25, 2022.