Row 3 – Logan Hildebrand, Zach Henninger, Aidan McKinney, Lorenzo Tamez, Aaron Eastman, Dandre Johnson, Jonathan Grady, Jakob Pyeatt

Row 2 – Michael Faye, Josh Bonin, Alejandro Martin, Jared Olson, Mason Saulsbury, Devon Gilbert, Joe Mucklestone, Jin Terada-White

Row 1Brody Sodon, Grant Greenhall, Justin Liulamaga, Michael Cleveland, Garrick Florea, Nathan Cahoon, Jared Goetz, Joe Hofman, Salvador Zaragoza, Drew Pierson


Mayor Mr. Joe Mucklestone   City Clerk Mr.Joe Hofman

City Council
Mr. Aaron Eastman
Mr. Jared Goetz
Mr. Jared Olson
Mr. Jin Terada-White
Mr. Nathan Cahoon

Political Party Precinct Officers
Adams – Mr. Joe Mucklestone, Mr. Jared Olson, Mr. Aaron Eastman
Rainier – Mr. Nathan Cahoon, Mr. Logan Hildebrand, Mr. Lorenzo Tamez

Election Board
Adams – Mr. Salvador Zaragoza
Rainier – Mr. Josh Bonin

The Fir City Flag

This great flag is the result of our shared collaboration as a city – it represents the great town of Fir. The tree in the middle is a fir tree. Our tree represents our roots, our strong connection with each other and the strong foundation our people. The large star in the middle shows our position as “Capital” in the magnificent state Evergreen. Seeing as the other four stars represent the other cities that we live with in harmony, the size of our star shows our position among them. The gold circle is reminiscent of a seal – a seal of unification, and it shares resemble to the flag of the Washington State Government. In addition, the 2018 represents our establishment as a city and our hopes for longevity and further improvement. The blue that is present represents depth of our community and stability of our city government, while the white represents purity, safety, and light in all we do.


City Chant

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Save the date for our next session on June 19-25, 2022.