Party Officials

Jack Dean

Vice Chairman:
Sam Peterson

Grant Pickett

Convention Chairman:
Dante Bertini

Platform Chairman:
Andy Makin

2019 Party Platform 

Economic Policies

Technology Grants
• Pro Free-market Economics

Education Policies

Remove Affirmative Action
• Remove Philosophical and Religious Exemptions from Vaccinations in Schools
• Reform Education System
• Support Low Income Communities

Health and Welfare Policies

• Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients
• State Supported Mental Health Program
• Outlaw Safe-Injection Sites

Social Policies

• Lower the Age for Use of Controlled Substances
• Anti-Abortion (exemptions for Rape, Incest, or Medical Danger)
• Anti-Prostitution
• Anti-Private Sector Prisons

Security Policies

Formation of a National Guard
• Pro-Gun Rights
• Pro-Police

Common-Sense Policies

Banning Tik-Tok and Subsidies for Education Paid for with Minecraft
• Mandatory Use of Deodorant 
• Outlaw Fortnite Dances
• Ban the Flat Earth Society

Environment Policies

• Support Green Energy
• Pro-Conservation

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