Row 1 – Raymond Ochs, Jacob McCarthy, Brandon Moreno, Jimmy Opitz, Ezekiel Aleck, Elliot Lee, Gabe Hawthorne, Grant Seaman, Jeremy Davalos

Row 2 – Sam Tingstad, Andy Makin, Miguel Estevez, Aaron Phillips, Sirius James, Andres Rovalo, Cody Harding, Chris Grazko

Row 3 – Ben Frizzell, Peter Schmitt, Will Hahn, Carson Fuchs, Jeremiah Phillips, Louis Sanchez, Sebastian Hughes, Spencer Halstead


City Clerk Aaron Phillips    Mayor Andres Rovalo

City Council
Sam Tingstad
Andy Makin
Will Hahn
Sirius James
Jeremiah Phillips

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Jimmy Opitz, Chris Grazko, Gabe Hawthorne

Rainier – Sam Tingstad, Ezekiel Aleck, Sirius James

Election Board

Adams – Miguel Estevez

Rainier – Ezekial Aleck

The Flag of the City of Alder

Upon the flag of our great city of Alder stands proud the shield of unity, ready to defend the growth and life within the garden of vines and roses that surround it. Painted in the scarlet red of blood, the shield is decorated with the alpha and omega, and the sun and moon. These represent the perseverance and dedication that build the shield, that there must be unity from the beginning to the end, in the light of day and in the dark of night. Embedded upon the border of the shield are 20 buds, each standing for one of the courageous citizens of Alder who are embedded within the cause of defending the unity in our community. In the garden which we defend, a world of thorns and roses grows, where the beauty of the precious flower requires those who desire it to brave the stinging pain of grasping its thorn-covered stem. Beneath it reads loud and clear, semper fortis, semper unum, semper viridas, as our city will be ever strong, ever one, evergreen.

Congratulations to Alder, winners of the 2019 EBS Trivia Contest!!

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