Row 1 – Mark Christensen, Tony Morea, Jakob Pyeatt, Pedro Martinez, Ben Lee, Jungmin Hwang, Chandler Sam, Donald Jump, Andy Saldona, Jony Garfia, Maxwell Nimz, Keith Reitz, Mike Montaney

Row 2 – Jack Dean, Caleb Parks, John Hardgrove, Pilsung Kwak, Luke Dallabetta, Jaxon Roberts, Adam Czuk, Luis Ayala

Row 3 – Casey Rappe, Kevin Major, Luke Greminger, Luke Samuels, Grant Shinohara, Oscar Bray, Miles Vilkin, Thomas McWalter


City Clerk Chandler Sam    Mayor Jaxon Roberts

City Council
Grant Shinohara
Luke Dallabetta
Donald Jump
Oscar Bray
Pedro Martinez

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Ben Lee, Donald Jump, Oscar Bray

Rainier – Andy Saldana, Maxwell Nimz, Caleb Parks

Election Board

Adams – Jack Dean

Rainier – Pilsung Kwak

The Flag of the City of Cedar

The flag of the City of Cedar represents many aspects of our great city. The central golden 5-pointed star represents the 5 members of our council. The white outer star links it to the omega symbol, demonstrating the council’s connection to the people. The omega represents unity, as well as the citizens of Cedar, as our meeting room is arranged in a “V” shape. The cedar branches represent our city tree, showing resilience to decay and neglect. The white background represents the blank slate that was Cedar before we gave it character, color, and life. The flag of Cedar is a mosaic of our city itself, representing our collective dreams and ideas. The citizens of Cedar are individually represented by the 24 components of the cedar branches, showing our simultaneous individuality and unity.

Congratulations to Cedar, winners of the 2019 EBS Chant Contest!!

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