Row 1 – Casey Pregartner, Drew Pierson, Tobey Samuelson, Brian Mendez, Kai Cavan, Andrew Carlos, Travis Walkup, Tyler Vold, George Rippee, Robbie Hewett, Tony Massa, Nic Jensen, Khan Stitsel

Row 2 – Carter Nelson, Jaedon Tabino, Austin Brock, Samuel Mathis, JT Gasper, Zavier Smith, Stephen Malone, Nam-Seok Utter

Row 3 – Corbin Meyring, Cole Gardner, Grant Pickett, Peyton Ninnemann, Matthew Hagerty, Nathan Black, Garret Sands


City Clerk Zavier Smith    Mayor JT Gasper

City Council
Corbin Meyring
Garret Sands
Nam-Seok Utter
Peyton Ninnemann
Robbie Hewett

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Garrett Sands, Peyton Ninnemann, Cole Gardner

Rainier – Matthew Hagerty, Robbie Hewett, Nathan Black

Election Board

Adams – Cole Gardner

Rainier – Austin Brock

The Flag of the City of Hemlock

Hemlock, our fair and grand city, possesses a flag that symbolizes the respect, power, and beauty that define the town and its values. The great Hemlock flower in the center of the banner represents not only the central importance that our town holds, but also of its beautiful appearance and potent strength that are derived from the Hemlock tree. The four stars in the corners of the flag demonstrate our strong bonds of friendship shared with the other major cities of the state of Evergreen. The green color shows our connection to nature and the environment, and the city’s loyalty to the state government of Evergreen.

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