Row 1 – Chase Krumins, Matthew Jugovic, Charlie Cleveland, Kirby Hale, Henry Chen, Ali Albaqshi, Joshua Nation, John D’Agostino, Isaac Morris, Ron King, Adam Bullard

Row 2 – Eric Xu, Connor Davis, Hyrum Scott, Colin Slattery, Elias Villa, Vicente Hernandez, Sean Reilly, Josh Bresee

Row 3 –Dante Bertini, Mason Haws, Svet Nikolov, Jake Bresee, Scott Cmelo, John Clover, Alex Murawski


City Clerk Connor Davis    Mayor Svet Nikolov

City Council
Isaac Morris
Mason Haws
Sean Reilly
Hyrum Scott
Kirby Hale

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Ali Albaqshi, Hyrum Scott, Colin Slattery

Rainier – Scott Cmelo, Josh Bresee, Svet Nikolov

Election Board

Adams – Eric Xu

Rainier – Scott Cmelo

The Flag of the City of Oak

The flag of Oak City symbolizes unity. The one oak tree stands stoically as a symbol of a city united towards a common goal. The two mountains symbolize the two political parties that the tree stands under. Each Mountain has a runoff that waters the tree, in a similar fashion to how each party contributes its unique political values to the city. The twenty-one branches on the tree represents the twenty one citizens of the City of Oak. There is a swing which hangs from the tree of unity, representing that our city is all about having a good time with the boys.

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