Row 1 – Chase Krumins, Matthew Jugovic, Charlie Cleveland, Kirby Hale, Henry Chen, Ali Albaqshi, Joshua Nation, John D’Agostino, Isaac Morris, Ron King, Adam Bullard

Row 2 – Eric Xu, Connor Davis, Hyrum Scott, Colin Slattery, Elias Villa, Vicente Hernandez, Sean Reilly, Josh Bresee

Row 3 –Dante Bertini, Mason Haws, Svet Nikolov, Jake Bresee, Scott Cmelo, John Clover, Alex Murawski


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City Clerk Connor Davis    Mayor Svet Nikolov

City Council
Isaac Morris
Mason Haws
Sean Reilly
Hyrum Scott
Kirby Hale

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Ali Albaqshi, Hyrum Scott, Colin Slattery

Rainier – Scott Cmelo, Josh Bresee, Svet Nikolov

Election Board

Adams – Eric Xu

Rainier – Scott Cmelo

The Flag of the City of Oak

The flag of Oak City symbolizes unity. The one oak tree stands stoically as a symbol of a city united towards a common goal. The two mountains symbolize the two political parties that the tree stands under. Each Mountain has a runoff that waters the tree, in a similar fashion to how each party contributes its unique political values to the city. The twenty-one branches on the tree represents the twenty one citizens of the City of Oak. There is a swing which hangs from the tree of unity, representing that our city is all about having a good time with the boys.

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