Party Officials

Kirby Hale

Vice Chairman:
Andres Rovalo

Pierce Higgins

Convention Chairman:
Austin Brock

Platform Chairman:
Kevin Major

2019 Party Platform 

  1. Reduce state loan guarantees for higher education
  2. Tri-Gun laws
    1. Stricter enforcement of existing gun laws
    2. Legalization and promotion of open carry
    3. Combination of concealed carry permits with gun licenses
  3. Supporting the use of armed teachers and resource officers in schools
  4. Increase school funding
  5. Opposition of sex and drug trafficking
  6. Increasing police funding
  7. Increase public transportation funding
  8. Recycling incentives
  9. Pro prison reform
  10. Pro death penalty
  11. Mandatory vaccinations for public school attendees
  12. Opposing income tax
  13. Providing funding for illicit drug research
  14. Rename Boys State, Boiz State
  15. Ban the pouring of milk before cereal
  16. Hot dogs are a sandwich

Save the date for our 2024 session on June 16-22, 2024.