Each year the Citizens of Evergreen Boys State are presented with real life problems they must attempt to resolve in order to improve the lives of their citizens.  Without resorting to excessive taxation, city and county government officials must evaluate and make hard decisions about their income and expense situation to come up with a solution and then present their ideas to a panel of judges.

Several prominent members from the local community volunteered their time to come bear witness and offer their professional expertise during the annual City/County Problems presentation. We here at Evergreen Boys State want to extend our appreciation to the following individuals who took time out of their busy lives to come to Warm Beach  to participate as judges…

Hans Christiansen – Government Approvals and Construction Manager at Natural & Built Environments.
Ian Babcock – Sales Content Producer at ExtraHop
Michael Crites – Senior Workforce Solutions Consultant at Kronos



Kevin Briscoe – Executive Manager at CFO Selections, LLC
Eric Siedentopf – Director, Sales & Excise Tax at Costco Wholesale
Ryan Johnston – EBS Alumni, Former EBS Staff, USMC Captain, Retired




Save the date for our 2025 session on June 15-21, 2025.